Sunday, November 30, 2008

He's Loving It...

...entirely too much it appears.



Saturday, November 29, 2008

#1 With A Bullet

First they copy Flying Subs, now they are copying a Tom Selleck movie that had Gene Simmons as the villian from the 80's called Runaway.

From The Danger Room

Pentagon Shoots $22 Million into Guided Bullet Tech
By Noah Shachtman November 26, 2008 1:27:27 PMCategories: Ammo and Munitions, DarpaWatch, Guns
What if a sniper could fire a bullet that changed course in mid-flight, to hit its target? The Pentagon is handing out nearly $22 million to try to find out.

Darpa, the Defense Department's far-out research arm, announced a pair of contracts yesterday, to start designing a super, .50-caliber sniper rifle that fires guided bullets. Lockheed Martin recieved $12.3 million for the "EXACTO" (EXtreme ACcuracy Tasked Ordnance) project, while Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, LLC got another $9.5 million.

If the system works, it'll "provide a dramatic new capability to the U.S. military," Darpa says. "The use of an actively controlled bullet will make it possible to counter environmental effects such as crosswinds and air density, and prosecute both stationary and moving targets while enhancing shooter covertness. This capability would have the further benefit of providing increased accuracy and range while reducing training requirements."

"In other words," Sharon wrote last year, "it would be the ultimate sniper round."

What I want to know is when are we getting the hot robot babes from the movie Westworld?

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The Dumbass Section is Over There



Friday, November 28, 2008

Just Sick...

Via Ace of Spades

Pardon me, but is there anything inside a Wal Mart worth having a frenzy about...maybe we should check and see where those folks who trampled eleven people to death at a Who concert are today. Sick bastards.

Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down
Colleen Long, Associated Press Writer – Fri Nov 28, 5:15 pm ET

New York – Wal-Mart Worker Trampled To Death

AP – Nassau County Police examine the front of the Wal-Mart in Valley Stream, N.Y., Friday, Nov. 28, 2008, … NEW YORK – A Wal-Mart worker was killed Friday when "out-of-control" shoppers desperate for bargains broke down the doors at a 5 a.m. sale. Other workers were trampled as they tried to rescue the man, and customers shouted angrily and kept shopping when store officials said they were closing because of the death, police and witnesses said.

At least four other people, including a woman who was eight months pregnant, were taken to hospitals for observation or minor injuries, and the store in Valley Stream on Long Island closed for several hours before reopening.

Shoppers stepped over the man on the ground and streamed into the store. When told to leave, they complained that they had been in line since Thursday morning.

Nassau police said about 2,000 people were gathered outside the store doors at the mall about 20 miles east of Manhattan. The impatient crowd knocked the man, identified by police as Jdimytai Damour of Queens, to the ground as he opened the doors, leaving a metal portion of the frame crumpled like an accordion...

For the whole sad story go HERE



Is It Wrong?

She's a BAD, BAD, girl!

One of the first things I noticed in this photo Hayden Pannetiere (actress who appears in the TV show, Heroes) was that she has poor trigger that really so wrong?

H/T The Arsenal

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Girl Friday, 28 NOV 08

It's "Black Friday", and I hope everyone had their fill of turkey and all the fixin's. Because I'm a little under the weather and I'm taking the lazy way's Girl Friday is once again Pilar Lastra, Miss August 2004. If you have any complaints take it up with my higher.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

One Year Ago...Happy Thanksgiving

A year ago about this time I was standing in a line at the dining facility (DFAC) in Camp Taji Iraq awaiting my serving of processed turkey and an attempt at cornbread dressing. God Bless them for trying but to mangle a quote from Apocalypse Now, "The more they tried to make it feel like home, the further away we seemed to be."

I think the feelings were compounded because it was my second Thanksgiving away from home in a row and the fourth in five years I hadn't been able to spend with my loved ones. For someone who loves his turkey and dressing as much as I do, that REALLY sucks.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate all the time and effort expended by the DFAC and the staff, and there were some moments I'll always remember, like the young female soldier inappropriately dressed as Pocahontas. I don't think they meant for her to look quite that sexy. And it seemed to me that it was almost on the edge of a war crime that they had the contract workers (whom I would guess were almost 100% Muslim) to wear Pilgrim outfits (sorry I don't have pictures).

Anyway, today or tomorrow or whenever you read this try and say a little prayer for everyone who is overseas serving our nation this holiday season. They are doing all they do for you...and that is something to truly be thankful for.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

The following is from the bestest Thanksgiving movie ever...Planes, Trains and Automobiles. If you ever rent a car, try and hold on to your rental agreement.

WARNING! NSFW...ever, unless of course you work at the "F Bomb Factory".

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Monday, November 24, 2008

More Flying Subs... with drawings and stuff!


Flying Submarine or Submerging Seaplane?

The answer is simple: Submarines cannot fly, but seaplanes can submerge -- if you build them properly.

That's what the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is seeking to develop. A recent Request for Proposal (RFP) from DARPA calls for a submersible aircraft [that] would combine the key capabilities of three different platforms: (1) the speed and range of an aircraft; (2) the loiter capabilities of a boat; and (3) the stealth of a submarine. "By combining the beneficial characteristics the and operating modes of each platform, DARPA hopes to develop a craft that will significantly enhance the United States tactical advantage in coastal insertion missions," according to the RFP.
The irony of the RFP is that the U.S. Navy was developing such a craft some 45 years ago.

The objectives issued by DARPA are for a vehicle that would have an airborne tactical radius of 1,000 nautical miles, a low-level flight radius of 100 nautical miles (which may leverage surface effects), and a submerged tactical radius of 12 nautical miles. The sum of these must be achieved within eight hours. Endurance on the surface has to be 72 hours in sea states up to five between inserting and extracting personnel. The craft's payload objective is eight men and their equipment with a total cargo weight of 2,000 pounds.
DARPA has identified the major challenges to the project as (1) weight, (2) fluid flow regime, (3) structure, (4) lifting surface geometry, and (5) power and energy storage. These factors force the consideration of a seaplane that can submerge as opposed to a "submarine that can fly." The relatively light construction of an aircraft can be submerged to shallow depths, and to even great depths with internal pressurization. But submarine-like vehicles, built to withstand greater depths, are too heavy for consideration...

Read the rest here

Still no mention of the Seaview and her Flying Subs

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ETADIK Training

CNN goes behind the scenes with the US ARMY Special Forces to cover the 18B Weapons training.

WARNING! This video is intended for mature audiences only, viewer discretion is advised



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Wussie, Pussy Whatever.


The 2010 Mustang

If you like Mustangs it is pretty sweet...

Check the website HERE

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Friday, November 21, 2008

Girl Friday, 21 NOV 08

Another week down in the short march towrds deployment. Next week is Thanksgiving, it's hard to believe I've been back from Iraq about a year and we're getting ready to deploy again.

Today's Girl Friday is making another appearance, Pilar Lastra is the Girl Friday for this Friday, 21 November, 2008.

Have a great weekend.

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A Public Service Announcement



Moron of the Century

What kind of idiot would think that this would be "COOL"?

I might expect this sort of thing from terrorists and their ilk, but I'm pretty sure they don't celebrate pagan holidays. This is just sick.

More on this Here



I Hate Clowns.



Ripped From Today's Headlines!

Obama to Tap Clinton

This is a real headline!

I guess he's tired of Michelle?!? I think he could do better than that though.



Something Guns and Roses is Good For...

...besides providing music to play in the background of gun tape from Iraq.

H/T Ace of Spades

From the AP comes this nugget for all you Peppers out there.

Dr Pepper to deliver on its free-soda promise

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dr Pepper is making good on its promise of free soda now that the release of Guns N' Roses' "Chinese Democracy" is a reality...

...Beginning Sunday at 12:01 a.m., coupons for a free 20-ounce soda will be available for 24 hours on Dr Pepper's Web site. They'll be honored until Feb. 28.

Dr Pepper is owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Inc.

On the Net:

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too?

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What the Shat Thinks...

What do you think William Shanter thinks about the "new" Star Trek?

H/T Dirty Harry

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Look What I Found

While cruising about the internets I found this recent photo of Rufus T. Firefly who regularly posts at THIS WEBSITE.

His Mom must be very proud.



Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just SO You Know...

THIS ISN"T REAL...and by real I mean, it's from a movie folks. In the words of one William Shatner; "GET A LIFE"
Of course I found it on a website called My Pet Jawa so I guess you get what you pay for in that respect.
I'm sure all the folks employed by George Lucas thank you for your continued patronage.

"May the force be with you...for me to poop on."
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the premere of Attack of the Clones

Be glad they've removed the Southpark clip of George Lucas raping a stormtrooper from YouTube or I would have subjected you to that as well. You can watch the whole episode called The China Probrem HERE

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Shut My Mouth!

It seems I'm not allowed to open my pie hole about Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC) unless I've served with them according to this post from the web log known as OPFOR...fortunately I have served with Marines so there you go:

Belated Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps
By Townie 76

For those in Army who speak ill of the Marine Corps all I can say unless you have worked with the USMC you have no right to be critical.

Read More »

I meant to write this prior to the Marine Corps Birthday. . .but I was delayed by the fact that my wife and I had to look for a new home in the Washington DC area. . .that is another post.

Last week in the Army Times, a retired Army Sergeant Major made disparaging comments about the United States Marine Corps; I find that the Sergeant Major reflects a bias of many in the Army, who know nothing about the roles and missions of the United States Marine Corps and as such fail to understand that the Army and United States Marine Corps have separate and distinct roles and missions. To paraphrase a former Commandant of the Marine Corps, “the Marine Corps wins battles; the Army wins wars.”

Since my days as a cadet at VMI I have had the pleasure of having worked for, alongside, or with members of the United States Marine Corps—in every case I have found the members of the USMC to be true professional Officers, Warrant Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers.

After having served with, worked for and alongside people like Lieutenant General Joe Weber, Lieutenant General Rick Zilmer, Colonel (retired) James R. Williams, Majors Eric Marble and Scott Leonard, I have concluded that as an Army Officer there is no other land force in the world that I would want to be on my flank than the United States Marine Corps. For those in Army who speak ill of the Marine Corps all I can say unless you have worked with the USMC shut your mouths.

A belated Happy Birthday, Marines, Semper Fi.

Since I have served alongside Marines during the battle of Fallujah (Operation Phantom Fury) I guess I'm allowed to run my suck if I so desire (I surely wouldn't want to risk the ire of "Townie 76 that's for sure).

I haven't seen the letter Townie is referring to in "The Army Times", so I can't intelligently discuss it's merits. But I can say that over the years I've seen and heard countless hyperbole laden diatribes extolling the virtue of the USMC over all other services. So we're supposed to give all these clowns a pass for selling wolf tickets and some CSM says something derogatory about Townie's beloved Corps and he's condemned as a closed minded bigot...but no comment on the aforementioned morons.

In the spirit of the 1st amendment to the Constitution of these United States, I say there is plenty of room for bloviating butt heads no matter what service you belong to. Or for civilians who have never served for that matter to talk about how they think anyone in the armed forces of the United States is a sex starved killer. It is their right to say what they want no matter how stupid or wrong.

Happy birthday, good luck and good hunting to the USMC...but don't fucking try and tell me what I can or can not say, this isn't Russia, at least not yet.

PS you suck!

Ducks Get Revenge

H/T Theo



Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl Friday, 14 NOV 08

We're half way through November...what?

Yeah, you heard me. Personally I'm looking forward to some turkey and dressing in a few weeks.

It's Friday and another Friday means another Girl Friday. Gracing us this day is Dana Dogota, so rack em up and have a great weekend.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Return of the Flying Sub

I you'll recall about a month ago we discussed all things Flying Sub (see THIS POST )

Now our good friends at Aviation Week have decided to weigh in with their two pence about the prospects of an actual working Flying Submarine, or as DARPA refers to it, a "Submersible Airplane".

Still no mention from them of the "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" flying sub...perhaps the coolest thing ever to appear on TV besides a bra-less Jaclyn Smith.

Pearls before swine...I tell ya'.

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What The Captain Means...

Via Thunder Tales and Ed Rasimus.

If you have an interest in the air war over Vietnam, check out Ed's books; Palace Cobra and When Thunder Rolled. They are both well worth your time.

The more things change the more they stay the same.


The following video contains some adult language viewer discretion is advised.

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Happy Veterans Day

I found this via The Aviation Art Hangar. It's veteran owned so if your in the market give them a shot.

"Sack Lunches"
written by Melvin Davison

I put my carry-on in the luggage compartment and sat down in my assigned seat. It was going to be a long flight. I'm glad I have a good book to read. Perhaps I will get a short nap, I thought.

Just before take-off, a line of soldiers came down the aisle and filled all the vacant seats, totally surrounding me. I decided to start a conversation. 'Where are you headed?' I asked the soldier seated nearest to me. 'Chicago - to Great Lakes Base. We'll be there for two weeks for special training, and then we're being deployed to Iraq.'

After flying for about an hour, an announcement was made that sack lunches were available for five dollars. It would be several hours before we reached Chicago, and I quickly decided a lunch would help pass the time.

As I reached for my wallet, I overheard soldier ask his buddy if he planned to buy lunch. 'No, that seems like a lot of money for just a sack lunch. Probably wouldn't be worth five bucks. I'll wait till we get to Chicago.'

His friend agreed. I looked around at the other soldiers. None were buying lunch. I walked to the back of the plane and handed the flight attendant a fifty dollar bill. 'Take a lunch to all those soldiers.' She grabbed my arms and squeezed tightly. Her eyes wet with tears, she thanked me. 'My son was a soldier in Iraq; it's almost like you are doing it for him.'

Picking up ten sacks, she headed up the aisle to where the soldiers were seated. She stopped at my seat and asked, 'Which do you like best - beef or chicken?' 'Chicken,' I replied, wondering why she asked. She turned and went to the front of plane, returning a minute later with a dinner plate from first class. 'This is your thanks.'

After we finished eating, I went again to the back of the plane, heading for the rest room. A man stopped me. 'I saw what you did. I want to be part of it. Here, take this.' He handed me twenty-five dollars.

Soon after I returned to my seat, I saw the Flight Captain coming down the aisle, looking at the aisle numbers as he walked, I hoped he was not looking for me, but noticed he was looking at the numbers only on my side of the plane. When he got to my row he stopped, smiled, held out his hand, and said, 'I want to shake your hand.' Quickly unfastening my seat belt, I stood and took the Captain's hand. With a booming voice he said, 'I was a soldier and I was a military pilot. Once, someone bought me a lunch. It was an act of kindness I never forgot.' I was embarrassed when applause was heard from all of the passengers.

Later I walked to the front of the plane so I could stretch my legs. A man who was seated about six rows in front of me reached out his hand, wanting to shake mine. He left another twenty-five dollars in my palm.

When we landed in Chicago, I gathered my belongings and started to deplane. Waiting just inside the airplane door was a man who stopped me, put something in my shirt pocket, turned, and walked away without saying a word. Another twenty-five dollars!

Upon entering the terminal, I saw the soldiers gathering for their trip to the base. I walked over to them and handed them seventy-five dollars. 'It will take you some time to reach the base. It will be about time for a sandwich. God Bless You.'

Ten young men left that flight feeling the love and respect of their fellow travelers. As I walked briskly to my car, I whispered a prayer for their safe return. These soldiers were giving their all for our country. I could only give them a couple of meals. It seemed so little...

"A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to 'The United States of America' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.' That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it."

Man, my allergies are acting up today.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Operators Rescue Hostage

From The Navy Times

H/T Ace of Spades

Spec ops conducts night raid in Afghanistan mountains
By Sean D. Naylor - Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Nov 9, 2008 10:24:05 EST

The American businessman lay shackled in a mud hut 8,000 feet up a remote mountain in Afghanistan, armed captors posted inside and outside to prevent any escape attempt.

Earlier in his captivity, he had made a run for it, but — barefoot and much older than the insurgents who held him — he was snatched back before he could get far.

After nearly two months in captivity and out of contact with anyone who cared about him, the hostage reviewed what his fate might hold — whether ransom negotiations or rescue efforts or a miracle might bring him freedom.

“One option was for the money to arrive and be ransomed,” the 61-year-old engineer from Ohio told Military Times, speaking on the condition that he remain anonymous. Another was “that they’d just get tired of me and let me loose.” A third was “some kind of military intervention,” he said. “In my mind I’d given a military intervention a one out of a hundred chance. Not that they couldn’t do it, but they’re busy and I’m not that important a fellow.”

On an airstrip many miles away, however, several twin sets of Chinook helicopter rotor blades were starting to turn as about 60 of America’s most elite troops prepared to prove him wrong. Members of a task force that Military Times agreed not to name, the commandos had been hunting for the businessman since soon after he went missing. Now they were ready to act.

This is the story of one of the most daring and successful U.S. hostage-rescue missions in years...

For the rest please go HERE

This was all over the news wasn't it? Yeah, I guess not.

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The Greatest Moment in Texas Rangers Baseball History

Robin Ventura getting his ass whooped by a 40 year old (at the time)man.

Nolan Ryan was and is THE MAN.



American as Mustang

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Only in your Dreams

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You Boys Like Mexico?

What movie is the title of this post from? Believe it or not it has something to do with this advertisement.

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Ad For Something,

What it is I really don't care.

How To Advertise Your Products - Italian Style. - video powered by Metacafe

Kind of defeats the purpose of your ad if nobody can recall what it is for...I think it's for some kind of sports drink. That or that skinny euro guy at the end is running for political office.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

No Blood For Oil

Gas is now down to $1.98 a gallon for regular around here. I guess all that hope for change accomplished something...that and the failing intenational market for crude oil. But mostly the falling price of crude oil. I suppose recession is good for something.

Now go out and buy that F-350...right now!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

They've Got No Place Else To Go!

It's a sad, sad situation.



Friday, November 07, 2008

Girl Friday, 7 NOV 08

I'm back and so is Girl Friday.

Today, Cristal Houston stops by to remind us all of the importance of dental hygiene.

Have a great Veteran's Day holiday weekend and try not to be a dental CAT 3! Your 1SG will thank you.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Checking Off The Network...

I will be out of town TDY for a few tide the guys over, here are a few pictures of Reagan Yun, Crista Nicole and Pilar Lastra .

Ladies, you can amuse yourselves with my profile picture...when you're done laughing you can go check out whatever it is that you check out when looking for beefcake.

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Does Embeding WIth The Taliban Make You A Traitor?

From the wonderful folks at Danger Room, who predictably act like they walk a middle path but imply "NO!" and if you don't answer "NO" you are a kunckle draggin moron.

Does Embedding with the Taliban Make You a Traitor? (Updated)
By Noah Shachtman October 30, 2008 6:21:00

Two weeks ago, Rolling Stone published the most detailed Western account to date from within the Taliban insurgency. Now, a fighting has erupted in military circles over the story, "How We Lost the War We Won." Is journalist Nir Rosen a traitor, for telling the Taliban's story? Or are his critics the ones spouting anti-American tones, for ignoring the 1st Amendment?

On one side, we've got Small Wars Journal's Dave Dilegge and Bing West. "Just call me old fashioned – I have serious misgivings respecting and tolerating journalists who embed with an enemy," Dilegge writes.

West, for his part, implies that Rosen should be shot:

Rosen described how he and two Taliban fighters deceived the guards at a government checkpoint. Suppose during World War II an American reporter had sneaked through the lines with two German officers wearing civilian clothes. “When we caught enemy combatants out of uniform in the 1940s,” a veteran wrote in The American Heritage, “we sometimes simply executed them.” The Greatest Generation had a direct way of dealing with moral ambiguity.

Spencer Ackerman is not amused by the analogy. "So there you go. Try to understand the Taliban on its own terms -- ask questions that offend the Patriotism Police -- and, in West's moral universe, you should be executed. Now there's a sentiment the Taliban would recognize."

Andrew Exum, over at Abu Muquwama, ain't happy, either.

The thrust of West's op-ed is that journalists like Dexter Filkins and Rosen have failed the patriotism test. By not taking sides in their coverage, West argues, they have abdicated moral responsibility. Worse, they are not American enough because they dare approach and analyze wars involving Americans in the same way they would approach wars involving exclusively foreign powers. This is the same crap of which the Vietnam generation accused the media in the 1960s as well. And look how well it worked!

Bing West author of many a USMC glorification project, answers in the affirmative.

Good for Dave Dilegge for speaking out in Small Wars Journal about the October issue of Rolling Stone magazine, wherein Nir Rosen, an American reporter, described his visit with Taliban forces in Afghanistan. Rosen left no doubt about his active cooperation with the Taliban fighters. “They have promised to take me to see the Taliban in action: going out on patrols, conducting attacks,” he wrote, “…. once we are on the road we should take the batteries out of our phones, to prevent anyone from tracking us.”

Having told the reader what his intent was, Rosen described the Taliban as “religious students who knew little about the rest of the world and cared only about liberating their country from oppressive warlords.” Rosen concluded his piece by declaring that the war was lost – unless we negotiated an ending with the Taliban.

But in addition to providing the Taliban with a propaganda coup, did he violate moral strictures, given that killing Americans was an objective of the very Taliban attacks he wanted to watch? Is a journalist guided by virtues higher than those of patriotism or nationalism? Does a journalist transcend the laws and norms governing other American citizens? And who is not a journalist, if every blog and e-mail is a branch of journalism?

...Rosen is in elevated journalistic company in detaching from the American soldiers and their cause. In describing his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, New York Times reporter Dexter Filkins wrote, “This was not my war. This was not my army.” Whose army, then, was it?

Rosen described how he and two Taliban fighters deceived the guards at a government checkpoint. Suppose during World War II an American reporter had sneaked through the lines with two German officers wearing civilian clothes. “When we caught enemy combatants out of uniform in the 1940s,” a veteran wrote in The American Heritage, “we sometimes simply executed them.” The Greatest Generation had a direct way of dealing with moral ambiguity.

"I am a guest of the Taliban." Rosen wrote. Supposing in 1944 he had written, “I am a guest of the Waffen SS.” It is doubtful if Rolling Stone would have published Rosen’s article during World War II. The norms and values of American society have changed enormously in the past half-century.

Yet had Rosen been captured by Afghan soldiers, it is likely Rolling Stone magazine would have asked the US military to intercede for his release. But if the reporter has no obligation toward the soldier, does the soldier have the obligation to protect the journalist? Should Rosen, if captured, have been released or put on trial for aiding or abetting the enemy?

Personally, I think Mr. Rosen wants it both ways. He wants his journalistic freedoms that are guaranteed by the first amendment but he also has no problem giving aid and comfort to the people who if they were in charge would have nothing of the sort. He claims he's just telling their side of things, his personification of the enemy is calculated (by some at least) to try and make us quit the fight, or at least have less enthusiasm for it.

I am quite certain if one visited various Nazi, Italian or Japanese units during WWII one would have found that they were in fact populated by a great deal of people who didn't understand what the fighting was all about and just wanted to defend their homeland. For those who actually paid attention during history class this doesn't come as news. Books are filled with evil men who duped the masses into doing their will with these people going to their deaths believing they were doing the Lord's work.

The leaders of the Taliban and Al Quedia made it clear why they were doing the things they do long embed with the Islamo-fascist foot soldiers does nothing but create a more sympathetic picture to the ignorant wretches who usually swallow the drivel published in "Rolling Stone".

Hey dude spark up another fatty...Obama's going to end the war and pay us all $1000.

Traitor not really, ignorant dupe most assuredly.

He (Mr. Rosen) answers (not to me, but to all the readers) over at Danger Room:

The Taliban are not well understood by anybody. We don’t know who they are, why they take up arms, what their goals are. There is not even one Taliban. There are many groups who call themselves the Taliban and many different reasons why people join, Pushtun nationalism, resentment of foreigners, fear of Afghan police, revenge because one of their boys was shot by Americans as he was riding his bike past a checkpoint (true story), the desire to impose their strict brand of Islam, acting as mercenaries for the Pakistanis, whatever, but we don’t know them the way we could understand past groups the US fought, because of the danger involved in meeting them. Isn’t that an interesting thing to learn? And isn’t it relevant if an end to the war is sought? That end will be a political one, as even the American military knows, and there will be negotiations with the Taliban. At this point just about everybody is calling for those negotiations, even if it includes an element of killing the so called ‘irreconcilables.’ Unless Mr. west is from the Sassaman school of war. Maybe he just wants to kill all the Pushtuns. This worked for the Russians in Chechnya, though it hasn’t worked well for the Israelis.

I spent a month in Falluja in the spring of 2004 when it was under mujaheddin control and I came under similar criticism. Three years later, these people were on the US pay roll, and President Bush was praising them.

Some of you people take this war too personally. This is not good vs evil, its much more ambiguous, and if anything you should be grateful for my work, for the light it sheds on your opponents.

That last part there made off with my goat somewhat...I take this war too personally...HMMMM. Yeah, maybe so. Around three thousand dead on 9/11, then the bombings in Madrid, London, Bali not to mention the first WTC bombing and the embassy bombing, Kobar Towers, well the list goes on. All run by the leaders of the people Mr. Rosen embeded with.

Is it possible we could swing some of these people like the ones Mr. Rosen stayed with to "OUR" side? Maybe so. If it can be done that would be great. But what a snooty load of self serving crap for that oxygen thief to sit their and type that "some of us take the war too personally"...Mr. Rosen you can get stuffed.

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WTF Video, Feel Good Inc.

If you can tell me what this is supposed to be about, you win the prize. What that prize may be I don't know...but that would make you a winna!



God Bless Olivia Munn, again.

Damn she's good. For those with weak consitutions, she simulates some binge and purge action late in the video (just noises, no visuals).

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

You Can't Make This Stuff Up...

From the Daily Gut.

...[T]he Ukrainian actress who plays Bond's sidekick in Quantum of Solace, has been condemned by the Communist Party of St Petersburg for aiding "the killer of hundreds of Soviet people and their allies". Apparently oblivious to Bond's fictional nature, it accused her of assisting "a man who worked for decades under the orders of Thatcher and Reagan to destroy the USSR".

Apparently they don't know that James Bond isn't real.

...and these people controlled nuclear weapons...scary. I feel confident in saying that the actress (Olga Kurylenko) can come here and live if she desires, I'm sure she would not have a problem finding accommodations.



Squirrel Soccer

This is via Theo Spark

So this drink makes a squirrel play soccer. If it made him run a post pattern and his raccoon quarterback buddy was able to lay one in over the outstretched arms of the opossum free safety then I'd be impressed.