Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shut My Mouth!

It seems I'm not allowed to open my pie hole about Uncle Sam's Misguided Children (USMC) unless I've served with them according to this post from the web log known as OPFOR...fortunately I have served with Marines so there you go:

Belated Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps
By Townie 76

For those in Army who speak ill of the Marine Corps all I can say unless you have worked with the USMC you have no right to be critical.

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I meant to write this prior to the Marine Corps Birthday. . .but I was delayed by the fact that my wife and I had to look for a new home in the Washington DC area. . .that is another post.

Last week in the Army Times, a retired Army Sergeant Major made disparaging comments about the United States Marine Corps; I find that the Sergeant Major reflects a bias of many in the Army, who know nothing about the roles and missions of the United States Marine Corps and as such fail to understand that the Army and United States Marine Corps have separate and distinct roles and missions. To paraphrase a former Commandant of the Marine Corps, “the Marine Corps wins battles; the Army wins wars.”

Since my days as a cadet at VMI I have had the pleasure of having worked for, alongside, or with members of the United States Marine Corps—in every case I have found the members of the USMC to be true professional Officers, Warrant Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers.

After having served with, worked for and alongside people like Lieutenant General Joe Weber, Lieutenant General Rick Zilmer, Colonel (retired) James R. Williams, Majors Eric Marble and Scott Leonard, I have concluded that as an Army Officer there is no other land force in the world that I would want to be on my flank than the United States Marine Corps. For those in Army who speak ill of the Marine Corps all I can say unless you have worked with the USMC shut your mouths.

A belated Happy Birthday, Marines, Semper Fi.

Since I have served alongside Marines during the battle of Fallujah (Operation Phantom Fury) I guess I'm allowed to run my suck if I so desire (I surely wouldn't want to risk the ire of "Townie 76 that's for sure).

I haven't seen the letter Townie is referring to in "The Army Times", so I can't intelligently discuss it's merits. But I can say that over the years I've seen and heard countless hyperbole laden diatribes extolling the virtue of the USMC over all other services. So we're supposed to give all these clowns a pass for selling wolf tickets and some CSM says something derogatory about Townie's beloved Corps and he's condemned as a closed minded bigot...but no comment on the aforementioned morons.

In the spirit of the 1st amendment to the Constitution of these United States, I say there is plenty of room for bloviating butt heads no matter what service you belong to. Or for civilians who have never served for that matter to talk about how they think anyone in the armed forces of the United States is a sex starved killer. It is their right to say what they want no matter how stupid or wrong.

Happy birthday, good luck and good hunting to the USMC...but don't fucking try and tell me what I can or can not say, this isn't Russia, at least not yet.

PS you suck!

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