Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Flying Subs? Doesn't Anyone Remember Anything?!?

Via The Danger Room

This article from The Register

DARPA seeks Special Forces submersible aeroplane
Wet doesn't have to mean slow any more

By Lewis Page •

Posted in Government, 6th October 2008 14:58 GMT

Say what you like about the US military's technology planners, they don't flinch from a challenge. The latest ploy out of the American warboffinry machine is nothing less than an aircraft which can fly underwater.

The upcoming aerosubmarine plan was announced on Friday, under the rather uninspiring name "Submersible Aircraft". The idea, few regular readers will be surprised to hear, comes from DARPA* - the Pentagon wingnut-tech bureau, which is plainly looking to take the concept of flying below the radar literally to a whole new level...

Love the smart ass tone of the British author. Just for that, you limey prick we're going to make a flying sub and you won't be allowed to use it...so there.

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