Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Welcome to Dallas...

People in Texas are raised on football. I started playing organized football when I was eight years old, I quit in Junior High because I got tired to getting the crap knocked out of me...but suffice to say that for a lot of people in Texas football in nothing short of a religion. That is why I find the remarks after the game on Sunday by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo and Wade Phillips kinda funny.

From the Fort Worth Star Telegram

Phillips grew testy following a line of questioning about how the Cowboys "stunk" the rest of the game after taking a 17-0 second-quarter lead.

Phillips walked away from the podium after the news conference and was overheard saying "you stink" in the direction of the columnist who had asked the question.

Phillips later said he was just reciting the words that were thrown at him and not aiming them at anybody in particular.

Come on Wade, you grew up around here try that stuff on someone who will actually buy it. People in Dallas know your team is better than that, you've told them that. People in Dallas know sloppy play when they see it. Don't try to turn it around and blame the messenger.

And then there's Romo...

Asked about his growing habit of committing turnovers, Romo said, "I am pretty sure we won the game.

"It’s not always the prettiest win. But we did win. I am sorry that I am not sorry that we won."

Romo also blamed the local media for nitpicking too much and holding the Cowboys to Super Bowl standards in September.

Boo freckin hoo Tony, you play for the Dallas Cowboys expectations run high. In the 70's and 80's they had a run of playoff appearances longer than your career. Ask Don Meridith, Craig Morton, Roger Staubach, Danny White and Troy Aikman about expectations.

People in Texas aren't football ignorant and when the quarterback does some of the things Romo has done they are going to ask questions.

He was directly responsible for the Bengals getting back into that game on Sunday and he doesn't expect people to ask about his performance?

Sorry you're not the king Tony...get used to it.


It occurs to me that what these guys are seeking is unconditional love...that is what your families are for. We the viewing public, the people who buy tickets, who purchase gear and all other assorted Dallas Cowboys paraphernalia are your extended bosses. If you don't succeed you will be fired. What people see and what bothers them is a pattern of under-performance. To expect unconditional love when you are underperforming, especially when you have a recent history of under-performance when it's all on the line is troubling to say the least. So Mr. Romo, get back to work and STFU.



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