Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What to Say...

Trying to write or say anything that is not in violation of OPSEC or contrary to good order and discipline and remain interesting to anyone is going to be a real challenge. There are a lot of things that I would like to say that are just going to have to wait for another time and place...are they earth shattering? Would they change the course of the war? No...so that's why they can be saved for another time and place.

In the meantime entertain yourself with thoughts about cavernous PX's with nothing worth buying in them...except for soft drinks, candy, chips and AAFES porn. You can have DVD copies of all the movies you've never heard of or thought you wanted to see...as all the good stuff is scooped up by FOB Locusts as soon as it hits the shelf...they must lie in wait with their own radio nets to scarf up this stuff so fast. If you aren't there when it's put out you're left with 50 DVD copies of "Green Acres"...ENJOY!

Saw this ARTICLE in the Weekly Standard written by Michael Yon about the difficulties facing reporters in getting to and reporting from Iraq...interesting stuff.

Frankly while I'm here I don't watch the news...I read the paper from time to time, but honestly I don't need the aggravation and my experience has been that the news usually gets it wrong. People back home need to hear what is REALLY going on, and both DOD and the media need to do a better job.



Saturday, October 28, 2006

Back on the FOB again!

Here I am...back on the same FOB with the same trailers and the same DFAC I left over a year and a half ago. My vacation home on the Tigris if you will.

It's the same as it ever was only more so...since I've been gone the caretakers have added fences and ditches to add to my journey to and from work. They have also added rules and regulations and I soon fully expect to see MP's giving out speeding tickets and stopping people from jaywalking.

The one thing that never changes however are the letters to the editor in the "Stars and Stripes". The highlight of my day is reading a letter from a disgruntled soldier in Germany complaining about the high price of gas at the AAFES gas station or the guy stationed in Kuwait talking about low standards of appearance and discipline or the lack of respect given to the hard working Fobbits in the magic kingdom of Kuwait.

Honestly, I think that the paper only ever receives maybe 10 letters to the editor and the rotate them changing the names of the sender.

Unfortunately at first blush Iraq seems to be like the letters to the editor...but I could be wrong or things could change...only time will tell.



Thursday, October 12, 2006

Iraq By The Numbers

Catfish asked in the comments previously, how Iraq today compares with my experience from two years ago. It's a good question...

If you look at the numbers, and I have attacks against coalition forces are down by two thrids from the time I was there in 04.

As for the reality of what I can see on a daily basis, that remains to seen. I'm still in Kuwait waiting to go North. As we move along with our job, I'll try to keep Catfish's question in mind and report accordingly.

In the meantime I would encourage you to take a look at this document...

Sorry I don't have my HTML cheat-sheet with me.



Monday, October 09, 2006

Random Thoughts

Is it wrong that I really enjoyed seeing one of my CPTs head out the door enroute to the PXey-da, with 5 dollars of my money to buy Cokes and not one minute after he left retreat sounded? Did I say it was 120 degrees outside?

Is it wrong that I find it really funny that there is a Oriental diner off of I-35 in Austin, TX named "Ka Prow"?

Proof positive that Kuwait is the real armpit of the universe would be that half of your unit gets sick with the crud when you get there.

If you ever belive that you are really special and irreplaceable, stick you hand into a bucket of water. Pull out your hand. If the hole in the water is still there you are indeed irreplaceable.

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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Catch 22

When I first read the book "Catch 22" in high school I remember thinking that there was no way on this earth that anything or anyone could be that screwed up.

Over the years I have discovered that in the Army at least, Joseph Heller would be right at home.

The most current event that has caused me exasperation and bewilderment is trying to re-set a password for a computer system.

Here is a re-creation of a conversation I had with the "help desk":

ME: I'd like to re-set my password.
THEM: Could you please tell me X,Y,Z and your basic pay entry date?
ME: My date is AAAAAA
THEM: That's not the date we show. Check your LES (Leave and Earning Statement)
ME: That is the date on my LES
THEM: That's not what we show.
ME: What do you show then?
THEM: I can't tell you.
ME: Then how can I fix this?
THEM: See your personell section.
ME: They have the same date I do.
THEM: Then I can't help you.
ME: How the hell am I supposed to do my job then?
THEM: It's not my problem.

So I sit in a combat theater with no access, to data bases that I need to do my job, borrowing computer time from another unit all because some clown in the states with a flow chart won't deviate one bit...awesome.

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I'm established in a FOB where it's hotter than hell and we wait in line for everything from food to showers. I think it's this way so people will want to get down range ASAP.

I'll be this location for a while until we go to our final duty station in a few weeks.

A quick thanks to those who have stuck with me. I will post on a more regular basis soon.

Just so you know...I HATE GRAVEL!

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