Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I Am So Ashamed

What a horrible Texan I am...

Yesterday was the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo...

A painting of the Alamo as it appeared in 1836...swiped from the website of artist George Nelson...go buy his dammit!

... a small force, about 100 men,.. defend(ed) the Alamo and Bexar. . Cols. Travis and Bowie brought small reinforcements and stayed at the Mission despite orders by Sam Houston to remove all supplies, destroy the Fort, and retreat eastward. On Feb. 23, advancing elements of the Mexican army arrived and for the next 13 days, the Fort was besieged. At dawn, March 6, the Mexican army stormed the Fort and the defenders were killed. The Mexican Army lost over 300 men; more than 200 were wounded. The exact number of dead on both sides is unclear because of conflicting records. Traditional Anglo figures suggest around 189 were killed; Mexican sources state about 252-257. Women, children, and slaves were spared

May the ghosts of Sam Houston, David Crockett and William Travis forgive me for letting this and Texas Independence Day slip by with nary a mention...the shame of it all.



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