Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Listen Up!

For all you boobs who think you can support the soldier but, not support the war, Jack Army has something to say to you.

Here's some of it...

...If you don't support my commander in chief and you don't support my mission, you don't support me. It's just that simple.

Just because you don't spit in my face and call me a babykiller doesn't mean you support me. I don't care how many care packages of beef jerky you send to Iraq, you don't support me if you think what I'm doing here is wrong. Period.

So you don't spit on me and call me names. That doesn't equal support, it equals common courtesy. Just because you aren't rude to my face doesn't mean you support me. Got it?

So stop saying you support the troops. It's hypocritical, it's untrue and I'm tired of it...

The rest is HERE! I couldn't have expressed it better myself.

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