Sunday, February 18, 2007

What The Duce...

It seems I can't leave the country for a few months and everything has gone straight to H, E, double hockey sticks. WTF?

Leeann Tweeden

First I find out that FHM a magazine popular over here for its high quality output of AAFES p0rn, is going out of the print business...I guess it will be available on-line. There are only so many car, men's lifestyle, computer and gun magazines out there and this means one less to choose from on the magazine rack at good ole Camp Taji...according to this article the company that prints this rag was going broke. So who knew the market for scantly clad women and articles about drinking, cars and other stupid stuff was soft? Apparantly not the publishers of FHM.

Kiran Chetry

Next the HELL did my favorite news babe end up working for the communist news network? Yeah, I know she's got a husband and kid to feed but CNN? Somehow Kiran Chetry has ened up at CNN... You know I'll put up with alot of stuff, but I do have some standards...nice knowing ya' kid.

And finally we have this load of steaming horse poo...


Thanks for your support. Next thing you know they'll be telling us, sorry the money that was supposed to be there to fly you guys home has been spent to save the Baby Harp Seals of Nome Alaska...but we have have rented out a tramp steamer and you should be home in about 6 months or permitting...thanks for your killer...we love you a lot...but not really because that would mean that we buy into the whole war thing which we don't so...well you know.

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