Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well Hello Mister Fancy Pants...

Ripped from the website known as THE DEFAMER Nicolas Cage calls out Entertainment Weekly for being shallow when it comes to him appearing the the upcoming movie/film Ghost Rider (coming to a theater near you this Friday)...Egads I've fallen into their evil trap and given them free publicity.

'Entertainment Weekly' hasn't done anything to me. Someone just asked me a question about whether I think comic book movies get a bad rap. Someone mentioned to me that there was a blurb in 'Entertainment Weekly' that said very condescendingly, 'We get a kick out of watching Academy Award winners being in movies that they have no business being seen in.' I thought, 'Well, okay. That's really shallow thinking because they can't get outside their own box.' They don't understand the concept of what I would say is art.

Believe me there is much more of this twaddle included...but do you really need to read that? When will these people learn that they are making a living pretending to be something that they are not? Stop PRETENDING (there's that word again) that what you do is earth shattering or even "art".
I enjoy movies, it's a good way to entertain myself and my friends. Get lost in a story, enjoy the action or the laughs, and I thank actors for doing that for me and for all of us. But for for the love of Mary Jane Watson quit trying to dress up a pig and tell me its a centerfold. Besides there are those of us out here Mr. Cage that have yet to forgive you for an abomination against man called: Firebirds...just try and tell me that is "ART".

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