Friday, December 23, 2005

A Joke Sure to Offend Someone

As we join the action, a young Lieutenant is sitting by himself during the Holiday season at a local bar and grill (Chotskis, Flingers you name it). A young boy approaches the LT and asks: Are you a Lieutenant?

LT: Sure am kid, wanta' wear my hat?

KID: (putting on LT's hat) WOW! (and he runs off down the isle)

The kid running down the isle runs smack into a CW4 coming out of the rest room, obviously fresh off the flight line still in his flight suit.

KID: Excuse me Sir...hey are you a Warrant Officer?

CW4: Sure am sonny...want to suck my D*&k?

KID: Oh no sir, I'm not really a Lieutenant I'm just wearing the hat.

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