Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Enemy Within

It's "interesting" what some people consider loyal opposition these days. We are a nation at war and have been since September 11, 2001. I know to most people reading this the previous statement is a no-brainier, something that didn't even need to be stated, but to an increasing number it is a concept that they evidently have some trouble understanding.

How can someone think they are doing this nation and its armed forces on the field of battle any favors by making the remark that he war we are engaged in can not be won?

How can anyone think they are doing their nation and its armed forces any favors by making the remark that our soldiers are terrorizing women and children in Iraq?

These people and those like them have completely sold out this nation for the sole purpose of political gain. As contemptible if not more so is the inaction of those who align themselves politically with these individuals and who continue to refuse to repudiate those remarks or otherwise criticize those who made them.

I have heard conservative political commentators on the radio say that they welcome these people saying the things that they did because it will help their political cause in the long run. I find that statement equally contemptible. At best it is trying to put a good face on a bad situation, but the end result is more political crap.

It's about time that politicians realize that rights come with responsibilities. Just because you have the constitutional right to say whatever the hell you want doesn't make it right , necessary or moral. If you are in a leadership position you MUST act like a leader. In a nation at war, you owe it to the nation in general and more specifically to the troops to uphold that oath that you took, "to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic" where in there did it say anything about protecting your selfish political goals over the security of this nation.

If they had ideas about how to prosecute the GWOT better or how to conduct operations in Iraq more effectively then let fly. The statements being made in the last several days are not only unhelpful, but they are the latest in a string of statements that give aid and comfort to our enemies. They encourage our enemies that if they blow up a few more bombs, if they kill some more Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen or Marines we will quit and they and every little tin pot dictator and terrorist around the world will see that if they inflict enough pain on us, if they can get enough people to whine enough we will quit...and they will win. The end result of these comments is that more soldiers, more innocent people are put in danger. And the sad thing is that THEY could give a shit as long as they get elected.

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