Friday, December 16, 2005

Ever Want To Be On TV?

Well here's you just have to eat bugs or whatever other kinda stupid crap they come up with. Not a big fan of the show Fear Factor...but hey, they want veterans. Any takers?

NBC is casting the 2006 season of Fear Factor, in which contestants face their fears
during a series of stunts in order to win a cash prize of $50,000. Matt Kunitz and
David A. Hurwitz, exec. prods. Shoot dates TBD.

Seeking-Military Teams: male and female, all branches of the Armed Forces, must have
both spent time in Iraq; Freaks and Geeks: must consider themselves to be a freak or
geek, freaks with Mohawks, lots of tattoos, body piercing are a plus; Singles:
18-plus, energetic, enthusiastic, outgoing, standout characters with huge
personalities; Mother and Son Teams: sons must be 18-plus; Ex's: must be former
boyfriends, girlfriends, spouses to put the past aside and become a team once again,
will compete against other ex's for a special edition of Fear Factor; Couples Over
40: must be tough and think they can conquer their fears; Family Teams: children
must be between 10-15, parents must be able to present proof of parentage or legal
guardianship, teams may be father/son, father/daughter, mother/daughter, or
mother/son, will compete together against other families; High School Seniors:
athletic, outgoing; Couples: must be either married or dating; Twins: will compete
against other twins;
Siblings: 18-plus, teams be sister/sister, sister/brother, or brother/brother.

Email names, ages, heights, weights, your home city, recent photos of your team, a
brief description of your team, phone numbers, and email address to For more info, visit $50,000 for
the winner provided. Nonunion.

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