Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nude Model Sits On Flag, Risks Jail

From ROFASIX comes this story and if you go to his site there's VIDEO!

From the story available HERE.

Dancer faces criminal complaint for sitting atop Peru's flag in nude photo
25-07-2008 - 05:50
A Peruvian model and showgirl is facing a criminal investigation for posing naked sitting atop the country's red-and-white flag.

Lacey Zamudio appears in a magazine photo completely nude _ save for a cowboy hat _ atop a horse draped with the Peruvian flag. It comes just days before the country celebrates its independence on Monday...

...Prior to the formal complaint, Zamudio said she planned to pose with other patriotic objects.

"I love Peru," she said, "and I show it with my body and soul."

She plans "to pose with other patriotic objects". Like what, a dildo in the national colors?

"Sorry bout the stain on the flag there...I've been rubbing my naked butt on it for hours."
Yes folks, the flag of Peru was essentially used as a horse blanket by a person said to want to celebrate Peru. OOOOKAY.


Wrapping your beautiful naked body in the flag = least for some people.
Using the flag as a horse blanket while posing nude upon same said horse = not good...for anyone.

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