Friday, July 25, 2008

Do These Guys Ever Watch The News?

Maybe it's just because something like this happened in my unit...but you'd think someone whose job is to track military news and stuff wouldn't have to ask this question. From the Defense Tech website.

One Heck of a Ride
Now I've seen footage of SOF dudes catching a ride in the ammo bay of a Cobra in Afghanistan. And I've heard of other operators flying the "wings" of Apaches during an evac near Ramadi, but this is a tough one to believe...
Photoshopped or not?

How about, not. I think this photo is from a unit in Germany that was practicing how to do a "Spur Ride' before they deployed...imagine that, training. How odd.
Yeah, there are units that actually practice the technique...and some who've done it for real. This video is documenting an event from a little over a year ago. The "Spur Ride" was carried out by my unit 3 times while deployed in support of OIF 06-08. As those X-Files pogues used to say, "The truth is out there."

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