Sunday, July 20, 2008

Why The F#$K Not?

Exactly, why shouldn't you wear a shirt with "will kill for oil" emblazoned on it? Even though you wouldn't, or maybe you already have...or think you have. I'm mean why wouldn't you, other than for reasons of good taste?

I mean, that's what "they" think anyway. Even though, it would be fun to see the looks on their smug faces when they read that one.

For the humor impaired, it's called a joke. Maybe not a good one, but a joke none the less.

This is a shirt available for purchase at the website of Pat Dollard.

I'm sure it will soon be on the list of banned shirts for wear in Iraq.

That I would probably agree with. It isn't the most culturally sensitive thing I've ever seen. But if you supporters of all the amendments to the Constitution want to wear one...feel free.

Here's a joke from the other side... you know, the guys who don't particularly care for the POTUS or the way he's run the war.

The really funny thing about the irony.

By the way this was one of the tamer examples. If you are offended by Bush=Nazi imagery, the F Bomb or stuff like that don't go THERE.

I actually own the Rummy print...I know money in the pocket of dirty filthy hippies, but hey, I find it inspirational. And maybe this whole capitalism thing will catch on.

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