Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Lara Logan, CBS Chief Head Foreign Affairs Correspondent...literally

Sometimes this stuff just writes itself.

From FOX News comes this:

NEW YORK — Lara Logan, the chief foreign affairs correspondent for CBS News, tells The Washington Post she is pregnant, and the father is a married federal contractor whom she met while stationed in Iraq.

Logan's relationship with Joseph Burkett — who's in the midst of a divorce from wife Kimberly, with whom he has a 3-year-old daughter — has made media headlines, including the front page of the New York Post.

Logan is going through a divorce from estranged husband Jason Siemon, a Chicago-based energy lobbyist whom she married in 1998.

"Nobody likes to read about themselves like that, especially the way it's been sensationalized," Logan, 37, told The Washington Post. "I hated it. But I'm just going to rise above it and keep going."

...and going and going. Hey, if the contractor's trailer is rocking, don't bother knocking. Glad to see that she wasn't so traumatized by the horrors of war that she could still knock boots with some contractor dude. Who was married at the time, oh and so was she.

The stress and all, I would imagine drew them together. They first met that night in the bunker huddled together as the rockets rained down on the camp. She shivered with fear and he held her close at first protective and then with the fierce desire born from living life on the edge one day, one hour, one minute at a time.

I see I wasn't the only one surging in Iraq. Glad I was able to keep the rockets and mortars off your ass long enough for y'all to make a baby.

LT Nixon has something to say about it HERE
Thanks to the Bronze for the title correction.

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