Thursday, December 27, 2007

Army Sends Therapy Dogs To Iraq

This article in the NY Daily News tells us that the Army is sending therapy dogs to Iraq. Cool idea.

The story reminds me of our friend "Bango".

We supported a great many air assaults during our time in Iraq. One of the elements that participated regularly was a military working dog. One of our frequent visitors was a dog named Bango. He obviously wasn't a therapy dog by training, but it was amazing the change that came over the soldiers whenever he was around. Not surprising when you think about it given that a lot of the soldiers had left home and their own pets not too long ago. Bango was a little reminder of home that loved you back. Being a Lab/Sheppard mix he was a big dog, and when you rubbed his neck he would lean in to you. It was interesting to me having never interacted with a working dog, that he would be so loving.

Bango is still on duty in Iraq...lets hope he had a good Christmas and will be home soon along with his trainer. he's done a great job in more ways than one.