Saturday, November 17, 2007

Limited Service Ahead

As part of the process of packing up and leaving this wonderful place, we will soon be moving to temporary quarters so the "new guys" can come in and get settled. As a result my ability to post on this wonderful blog will be limited. So don't expect too many "Girl Friday's" or anything else till I get back to the land of the big PX.

For those who have been reading my blog over the past 13 months or so, I would like to apologize. There are many things I've seen and done over this time that I would have liked to share with you, but haven't. Not from any concern of "the man" coming to shut me down and throw me under the jail. But out of concern for my fellow soldiers. Because OPSEC does mean something to me. So maybe after this is all said and done, I will regale you with tales of daring do performed by people you don't know in the best attack helicopter battalion in the United States Army that no one has ever heard of...and then again maybe not.

Hopefully someday someone will tell everyone about the great folks I serve with and the great things we do every single day.

See ya soon.