Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just When You Begin To Think There's Hope...

You read the comments in a NY Daily News story about MNC-I forces taking out some members of AQI.

arizonarick Dec 26, 2007 8:59:32 PM Report Offensive Post
it would be easy to gloat along with a lot of other americans about this deadly strike from the sky. but until america gets a true peace candidate who cares as much about young men and women who strap explosives to their bodies to make a last deadly attack against people they see as their enemies, we will learn nothing about ourselves and nothing about a culture that is as different from ours as the moon is from the sun, and yet the same. i applaud the helicopter crew for doing their job, but i abhore the mismanaged thinking that took us into iraq in the first place. this isn't about new york or 9/1/1. this is about oil and the global economy. rick lanning springfield, mo.

Arizona Rick from Springfield, MO is an idiot. Yeah, all it takes is for us to love our enemies and they will see us for the nice guys that we truly are. Jez Rick, please tell us you aren't going to have any children...please for the love of God take the time and read these people's (AQI) own words about us. Thanks for keeping the trees alive though.

For the whole story and a video of an AGM-114 (that's a hellfire missile if you didn't know) taking out a car full of bad guys go HERE .

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