Friday, June 29, 2007

The SR-72 C@#K Tease

The fine people at Aviation Week and Space Technology are famous for revealing the most up to date aviation technology. SO much so they have earned the nickname "Aviation Leak".

Their blog, Ares has recently took up the job of opiate to the aviation geek masses by posting several entries concerning the SR-72.

If I were 12 years old in body instead of just mind, I would right at this second be in full-on aviation geekazoid mode, with drawing pad and pencil, scribbling out the rough design of what this secret monster of the airways surely must look like. Accelerating at roughly the same rate as a Viper being launched from the Battlestar Galactica, this invincible black shark of an aircraft would leap forward to slay all foes and return to base where the pilots would be loved and adored by all as the savior of the universe, available for stud service on weekends.

But of course I'm not twelve and there is no SR-72 (at least that you know of). Even though they show us patent drawings that indicate Lockheed Martin is "up to something" could very well be that Lockheed Martin has decided to enter the adult toy industry and some engineer with a sick sense of humor has slipped you the design drawings for some new vibrator, with improved pleasure ridges and a non slip grip...that has about as much validity as ram jet combo drives, dough-nut shaped smoke trails in the upper atmosphere, pulse detonation propulsion and the female orgasm...yeah whatever, like those really exist.

Here's part of the post...

Ares reported a couple of weeks ago on the emerging USAF/Lockheed Martin effort to restart technology for high-altitude, high-speed flight. A newly released patent may be a hint as to the source of some of this new-found enthusiasm.

Fact is, designing a ramjet engine for sustained high-supersonic flight does not involve too much bibbidi-bobbety boo. The trick is getting the vehicle to a point where the ramjet will light and run efficiently without resorting to the brute force approach of sticking a rocket on its back end.

No the real trick is getting the pilot to fly it on a Friday night, when there's a party at the O'Club. Nice "Bed-knobs and Broomsticks" reference. (no, you're not geeky at all).

In the end all this talk about a plane we'll not see anytime soon, if ever, is like looking at AAFES porn...all the tease and no payoff. Unless your 12 years old...and well you know the rest.

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