Friday, June 22, 2007

Girl Friday, 22 JUN 07

June is almost gone...what the HELL? I guess time flies when you're having...well I'm not having that much fun, but I am fairly busy. I still don't know how many Fridays I have to go over here...but we can start this one with one of our favorite "Girl Friday" ladies.

Reagan Yun, is here (well, not actually here where I am...that would be in gross violation of General Order #1...but here on the page you are looking at, but you knew that didn't you? Or hell, maybe you didn't. Maybe you're just that stupid. Are you still reading this? Where did you go?) once again to usher in another weekend!

Damn it's hot over here. Whoda thunk it... it's hot in Iraq in June...WOW.

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