Friday, June 29, 2007

Biggio Gets His 3000th Hit

As a kid every summer we went to see my relatives in Houston and always at least once a year we went to see the Astros. I was going to Astros games before there were Astros...there's a picture somewhere of me as a toddler, in the parking lot of Colt .45 stadium with the Astrodome being built in the background. I was an Astro buddy in later years...the awful melting Popsicle jersey days...the disco years. My summers were spent with my mom most evenings sitting in a lawn chair watching the sun go down listening to the Astros on the radio. Even though they never made the playoffs until I was in college and never made it to the World Series until a few years ago, I have always followed and loved the 'Stros.

For the last twenty years Craig Biggio has been a Houston Astro. While I don't know the man personally, he seems to be a great guy who loves his family and supports the community of Houston. Last night he got his 3000th hit. He's now 26th on the list of major league ballplayers in hits. He should be a shoe-in to the hall of fame. But even though I didn't see it on ESPN over here in Iraq, I'm sure the cynical, hate everything that isn't East/West coast goons had "something" to say about it. They always do...and that's too bad because we could use a few more Craig Biggio's in baseball. Maybe he is past his prime and shouldn't be playing every day, but loyalty is really worth something to some people, and I'm glad the Astros gave him some in return for his. For those of you who might wonder why I blog about this while I'm stuck in Iraq, sweating my butt haven't been listening. Stuff like this is why we fight, but besides that, anything that takes me back to a better time and place can't be all bad.

Congratulations Mr. Biggio. And thanks for the last 20 years.

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