Thursday, February 22, 2007


It's George Washington's Birthday!

Yes, if our politicians had any cajones we would still be celebrating this day instead of a generic "President's Day" which lumps GW in with other "great" presidents, such as Warren G. Harding and Jimmy Carter.

In celebration of this day and also in honor of General Order #1, I have stolen this little tidbit for your entertainment from ROFASIX

During the Revolution, Washington was also convinced of the salutary effects of alcohol on his troops: It kept them feeling warm and upbeat and discouraged desertions. In 1777, he instructed the purchasing officer of the Continental Army that "there should always be a sufficient quantity of spirits with the army." He noted in a letter to John Hancock that the "benefits arising from moderate use of liquor have been experienced in all armies and are not to be disputed."

But what the HELL does he know, he's only the father of our country.

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