Friday, August 19, 2005

Eva Watch

Apparently, Hollywood is quite dangerous. One of the top stories as I turned on the news this morning was about the uber-hot,Texas born, running her mouth about stuff we really didn't want to hear Eva Longoria (whom I previously discussed HERE)

Here's the story as breathlessly reported this AM:

Thu Aug 18, 5:59 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - Eva Longoria was fine Thursday after a mishap on the set of "Desperate Housewives" sent her to the hospital to be checked, her spokeswoman said.

"Eva is doing very well today. It was a minor incident and she is ready to return to work," said spokeswoman Liza Anderson. "She's very thankful to everybody for their get-well wishes."

Construction material being used for the ABC series hit Longoria on the head, Anderson said. The actress was examined at a hospital but didn't require treatment.

She's scheduled to be back at work by Monday.

THANK THE MAKER! I now feel I can go to work and maybe sleep peacefully tonight knowing that. Well, at least she's hot.

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