Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Surge

This video from The Mudville Gazette is a nice compilation of "The Surge".

I can say that having been to Iraq twice the events in theater have NEVER been portrayed accurately in the mainstream media. In OIF II (2004-2005), I would sit in the DFAC (dining facility) and hear events in Baghdad (our AO) described, and we would look at each other and wonder what it is that they had been looking at...because we never saw things the same way as they did.

Again during "The Surge" in 2006-2007, I sat there and listened to the Eeyore's on TV talking about how "it'll never work" over and over and over again. Even when evidence showed to the contrary they refused to see it. Some of these people are so invested politically in our failure they can not bring themselves to actually root for the good guys.

Maybe you have, but I doubt most people have ever had the experience of watching their "leaders" say over and over again about how worn out that you are and how incapable you are of getting a job was an awesome morale boost let me tell you. It really would have given me some doubt if I had any faith in their pronouncements.

It's shameful the way some people have carried themselves during this war and no doubt this attitude coming from some of our "leaders" has made the task that much more difficult...and yet we still succeeded in spite of them.

Thanks for know who you are.



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