Monday, August 04, 2008


From Lt. Nixon over at C.H.U.D. Busters comes the kind of thing you have to go to the West Coast for...

The "Blue Angels of Death" are precision-strike fighter killing machines and the aerobatics shows are military psychological war dressed up as breathtaking-eardrum shattering technical bravado to whip up patriotic support for war-making and slaughtering.

...apparently someone has issues with the US Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron. I guess they don't take her breath away. Maybe because they operate too close to the danger zone. Maybe she would like it better if she was playin with the boys.

I for one congratulate them on the choice of a new edgy name designed to attract a wider, more risk taking audience...The Blue Angles of Death!


Upon further consideration, I have come to the decision that an even better name would be the Blue Angels of the Apocalypse. You can have that one free're welcome.

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