Monday, August 11, 2008

It's A Post About Baseball!

Yeah, you get to hear my thoughts about the grand game, our "National Pastime", although I don't have the inside poop like Peter Gammons (he said poop!)and I don't have the vocabulary of George Will, I will attempt to explain why THIS would not be a good idea.

Astros should consider bringing in Bonds
By RICHARD JUSTICE Copyright 2008 Houston Chronicle
Aug. 11, 2008, 12:50AM

Hello, Barry, this is Drayton. Are you ready to be a champion?

The Astros need a left fielder. I know the name of a good one. He’s rested and ready. He’ll bring a buzz to the ballpark, too. He would suddenly make the Astros baseball’s most interesting team.

What’s wrong with having a little buzz? Why should the Dallas Cowboys have all the fun?

Barry Lamar Bonds would be a perfect fit for the Astros. Is there one good reason not to sign him?

No, there’s not. Oh sure, some people don’t like him. These are people that don’t know him, but still.

To say such a thing presumes you know the players on the team now. You don’t know them. You can pretend to know them, but you don’t.

Baseball is a bottom-line business. Bonds would make the Astros better. If Drayton McLane really and truly wants to be a champion, he’d bring in the best offensive player on earth.

Our local nine has been winning. Just as the team is closing in on .500, one of its two best players, Carlos Lee, goes down with a broken finger.

Odd that a guy who has the name of Justice would have no sense of that very thing. He proposes the very thing that makes me not want to root for the Dallas Cowboys. The win at all cost, we'd hire Hitler if he would run over the middle routes and catch the damn ball. To believe him, Barry's not a bad just don't know him, you don't know any of them so what's the dif?

Yeah, we're supposed to ignore everything we "know" about this guy and hire someone "known" to be a cancer in the clubhouse, hoping that he would magically propel the team into the play-offs when the problem all along has been pitching...but since I don't know Barry, he's probably in possession of a split finger fastball that he's been hiding all these years just waiting to pull it out when the 'Stros sign him to a multi-game contract for Lord knows how much.

I guess when you are a baseball writer and you are required to come up with a certain amount of product over the span of a season, you sometimes scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for something to write about...but give me a freaking break you boob. It's a good thing you aren't the GM, since you're obviously into hiring the aged (at least in Baseball terms) you'd probably give me a shot, I mean I had a 90 MPH fastball at one point and a pretty good curve ball...who cares that I haven't played competitively in a few years, at least I'm not a lying ill tempered cheat...and I'm a war vet, I'd bet that'd get butt in the seats, that and the 15 runs I'd give up in the first inning I pitched. But that makes as much sense as hiring Barry Bonds.

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