Thursday, January 10, 2008

And You Thought "Pron" Was Only Good For One Thing...

From the Aviation Week Blog Ares comes this story about how the military is able to leverage technology that is being driven by users (pornography websites among them) that demand large bandwidth and high usage.

New generation cellular telephones – which offer wider channel width and much faster data rates that allow video and the internet to be shown on a handheld telephone screen – are being driven by the large commercial market for games, pornography and gambling, say top electronic warfare researchers.

That popularity is reducing prices so that these same capabilities are being adopted and reshaped to fill the arsenals of the worlds’ military cyber warriors. Military organizations around the globe, including the U.S., are using commercially developed attack and network exploitation technologies to build an arsenal of rapidly upgradable, flexible and hard to avoid cyber weapons.

Sorry I just committed the unpardonable sin of taking the majority of their story...please feel free to click on this link and read the "fascinating" story about why they selected some Chinese dude as their "Person of the Year"