Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hypocrite Thy Name Is Heigl

From the conservative film website, LIBERTAS comes this link .

The movie hit “Knocked Up” may have bumped Up Katherine Heigl’s celebrity status - and movie pay day - but the outspoken actress tells Vanity Fair’s January issue she thinks the Judd Apatow comedy is “a little sexist.”

I notice or assume she doesn't fail to cash the checks she's getting for her work on that movie. Also her feelings about things that are sexist didn't stop her from posing in everyone's favorite AAFES pron magazine, Maxim.

Yep, I can she why she's upset about her character in the film.

Also please note she wants romance, don't just ram your tongue down her throat. I guess since she just got married, she found what she was looking for in that department. At least I hope she did.

Being an actress must be hard work. I should be happy that I have such an easy carefree life. I can only imagine the living HELL it must be pretending to be someone else, memorizing lines from a script that someone else wrote and possibly having to play the part of someone who is in fact different in personality and temperament than yourself...the HORROR.

Damn if she aint hot though.

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