Saturday, January 05, 2008

MND-B Memorial Service

This video is about 40 minutes long, it's available to be downloaded and it's well worth your time if you care about Soldiers and what we are about.

I encourage you to go to the following website...
1st Cavalry Division

You will see a row of buttons on the left, click on the one that says media, then click on video. You will then see a list of videos. For the month of DEC there is one labeled MND-Memorial, if you right click you can download. Or left click and just watch it. Be warned as I said earlier it's around 40 minutes long. But it's more than worth your while.

Sorry the file was too big to post on You Tube. I suppose it could be broken into pieces and posted that way...maybe someone will do that later, but I thought those who are interested can visit the site and see the video if they desire. Especially touching to me was the Division Chaplain's sermon...he did an outstanding job.

We will see them all on the "Green", RIP soldiers.

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