Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cynical Reporter Visits AUSA

The Association of the United States Army, is a professional organization that produces Army Magazine and lobbies congress on Army issues. Its annual convention is being held in Washington DC right now.

Bettina Chavanne who blogs at Ares, visited the convention and reports on a presentation by Secretary of the Army, U.S. Army Secretary Pete Gerren who opened the convention by giving a speech to the assembled members and guests.

Here's a short bit of what she wrote:

...But no matter how much family support he offers (how he would fund his
"Army Family Covenant" program was not discussed), it doesn't change the fact
that not only have troops been in Iraq for six years, but that from the sound of
it, they're going to be there for a very long time to come...

...He closed his speech with a video about "Army strong" families - a
series of images of Army families welcoming home and bidding farewell to their
loved ones. It was moving and manipulative, as it was intended to be. In "an era
of persistent conflict," pretty music and carefully choreographed images aren't
going to bring anyone home, but I think (sic)Geren (sic) hopes they'll be enough to rouse
Congress to fund his programs and support the troops for as long as they're
going to be stuck on the battlefield.

You can read the rest HERE.

There is nothing in Ms. Chavanne's bio to suggest a reason as to why she's so cynical about Secretary Gerren's presentation. As I stated in the comments over there, if the Secretary of the Army can't make a positive statement about the Army and Soldiers at the AUSA convention then where can he?

Would it be too much to ask of a reporter that they could actually know that we have been in Iraq since 2003 and not 6 years as she states?

Her obvious distaste for the subject bubbles to the surface in her article. It would be interesting to hear some real discussion about issues facing the Army rather than snarky cynical sniping at the Secretary of the Army for giving a tribute to the Soldiers he works for.

I've been in Iraq off and on now for around 24 months and my feelings about being "stuck" here aren't anywhere as pronounced as someone whose greatest danger is more than likely fighting beltway traffic and fighting off the lecherous advances of a drunken congress critter or two. I guess I'm just too dumb to appreciate how I'm being manipulated by the man.

Pretty pathetic stuff.

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