Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Cowboys are Popular

From our good friends over at Yahoo comes this NFL story...

The Dallas Cowboys are in the most popular among fans. Which along with a buck fifty will get a cup of coffee in many places.

From the story...

The Dallas Cowboys may be a few years from their last Super Bowl, but they are the favorite football team among adults who follow professional football, rising one spot since last year. Since this survey began in 1998, the Cowboys have always been in one of the top four positions, usually in the top two.

I used to subscribe the Dallas Cowboys Newsletter, had Cowboys gear, stickers etc. I've been to Texas Stadium many times over the years...but since Jerry Jones took over the team it's hard for me to get excited about them, knowing some low life classless idiot from Arkansas will benefit from any good my once beloved team will's a sad situation. Seeing that grinning jackass on Papa John's commercials before I came to Iraq a year ago was about enough to make me wreck a perfectly good TV. It's somewhat amazing to me that people still care enough about the Cowboys to rank them number one.

I guess everyone isn't as turned off by baboons in blue blazers as much as I am...which I guess is a good thing for Jerry Jones.



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