Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hey Pervs!

All you guys ...I assume you're guys...who keep arriving here in your search for "nude pictures of Kiran Chetry"...sorry dude, no dice.

What on God's green earth would lead someone to believe that there would be nude pictures of a newscaster available? I guess it's worth a shot on google...I mean after all she is really cute and what if there were nude pictures available...if we didn't google we'd never know and then if there were nude pictures of Kiran Chetry, we'd miss out on all that newscaster hotness.

Well there aren't least any that I know of...until that messy divorce and her ex-husband sells his "private collection" to Swank Magazine or maybe Cherry...who knows. But that's years from now. So for now tough luck guys...but if you find them be sure and let me know.

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