Friday, April 27, 2007

It's A Party...You Can Come

These young ladies dance around and celibrate at last years Eeyore's Birthday party

Tomorrow, the 28th of April is Eeyore's Birthday Party.
The 44th annual Eeyore's Birthday Party. You know, the donkey from Winnie the Poo.
Eeyores Birthday Party is a fund-raiser to benefit non-profit groups in Austin, TX. These groups will be selling hot and cold food (including vegetarian), soft drinks, juices, spring water, and Texas beer. Look for commemorative Eeyore cups and T-shirts. For more info go to this WEBSITE!
Keep Austin Weird...indeed.
From Wikipedia: In more cynical workplaces such as newspaper newsrooms or universities (or Iraq), a co-worker who is constantly a source of depressing and incongruous commentary is sometimes secretly referred to as "Eeyore." Eeyore is also the subject of a long-standing celebration in Austin, Texas called Eeyore's Birthday Party.



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