Thursday, April 26, 2007

Maybe We're Not SO Bad After All

Redstate reporting from Iraq tells a story of soldiers winning over the hearts and minds of reporters who embed with them...

It was in the process of performing that mission, of coping with the loss of loved ones, and of just being themselves as American soldiers, that these young men were able to win over the admiration and affection of more than one journalist who had arrived in their midst harboring a less-than-positive opinion of the Iraq war, and of those who were tasked with prosecuting it.

“I love those guys,” Beriain said, looking wistfully out the window of our cloister here in the Green Zone. “From the first time you go kick a door with them, they accept you – you’re one of them. I’ve even got a “family photo” with them” to remember them by. “I really hated to leave.”

Of course the cynical among us would say that the reporters are just suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. This might explain why a lot of news folks don't want to go there...other than just plain being scared.

Read the rest of this wonderful article HERE

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