Saturday, October 08, 2005

Funny If It Weren't True, Part 2

Boeing apologizes
to CAIR for ad
Depicted U.S. soldiers rappelling
onto roof of mosque

© 2005

A controversial Muslim lobby group in Washington said it has elicited apologies from the Boeing Co., Bell Helicopter Textron and the National Journal for publishing an advertisement depicting U.S. troops attacking a mosque.

For the entire story go HERE

While they are at it, since they make the AH-64 maybe they should apologize for this happening as well...

No wait it's the fecking terrorists who are responsible, you corporate hack morons. I guess the only thing that Boeing stands for is $$$. Yeaah, the V-22 would never be used to actually rappel/fast rope anyone onto the roof of a mosque in the middle east, that's a totally implausible scenario. And since when has CAIR or any of their bed wetting members ever bought any of Boeing's products anyway? As for Bell Textron I'm sure I can find some UH-1 or AH-1 Cobra pictures from Vietnam that they should apologize for as well....fecking hacks. Grow some balls!

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