Thursday, October 06, 2005

1st Class Upgrade

First sorry to the 3 people who read this blog for my extended absence. I was away on business and unable to connect to the internet. That being said...

My only experience with First Class airline flight previous to the other day had been passing through it on the way to the back of the bus.

Having grown up in the middle class and having done most of my travel on Uncle Sugar's dime I had never known the wonder of flight that is known as "First Class". I am about to reveal to you dear reader the wonders of what goes on behind that curtain. The joy that is FIRST CLASS!

When I arrived at the airport I was pleasantly surprised to find when I checked in that I had been upgraded to First Class. WOW, what happened there? I was traveling on a government funded ticket and didn't have frequent flier miles or anything like that...but there it was. Actually I didn't really care about anything other than the fact that i was getting the increased arm and leg room...but very cool none the less.

So there I was at the head of the line, called forward, find your leather covered cushioned seat and would you like some coffee before we take off this morning sir. I could get used to this. One flight attendant for 6 people. I wonder what the plebeians back in coach are doing? Probably fighting each other for a bag of peanuts! HA HA!

I then I looked around me. I have never seen such a rude disrespectful bunch of selfish bastards if ever at least in quite some while. The guy next to me was demanding and rude to the flight attendant. The woman across the isle had her shoes off and her bare feet firmly planted against the bulkhead doing, I don't know stretching exercises? I suppose that just because they payed extra they think they can be asses? Puzzling and disapointing...actually upon reflection they acted no different than anyone else these days and I don't know I would be surprised or expect anything different just because it was first class. But I guess first class doesn't apply to the people just the fixtures and the service.

Depending on one's point of view the best was yet to come. When I arrived in Houston I had to catch a small commuter plane to the Fort Hood AO. It seemed that everyone was on board but the plane was being held...held for what? I'll tell you what 4 Miami Dolphin and 4 Miami Heat flight EVER. Sorta makes up for all the crappy flights I've had over the years...that weren't of my own making, but not really.

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