Sunday, September 04, 2005

What the HELL is going on in the Army?

In the grand scheme of things, this won't ever make the paper and the only ones who will bitch about it will be the guys assigned to the units in question...But when people wonder what's happened to esprit de corps, to pride, to knowing and appreciating the legacy of the unit to which you are assigned, remember this story.

1st Squadron, 6th United States Cavalry was recently assigned to the 21st Cavalry Brigade at Fort Hood, TX. 1-6 CAV was formed in the 80's at Fort Hood as part of the 6th Cavalry Brigade (Air Combat) and was one of the first units in the Army to receive the AH-64 Apache. 6th Cav was regimentally affiliated with the 6th Cavalry Regiment which had a history going back to the Indian Wars.

To anyone who as ever been assigned to a Cavalry unit there is nothing like the esprit and élan associated with the crossed sabers.

The Army in its process of transformation has decided to reassign the 1-6 CAV to the 4th Infantry Division. As part of this move 1-6 CAV has been dissolved along with all it's history and traditions and has been renamed 4-4 AVN. So much for tradition. In addition to that, one of the troop/company call-signs was deemed inappropriate. It seems Assassin Troop or Company, the name that unit has been since at least the late 80's is now inappropriate. The soldiers were told to change the name by their chain of command. So much for tradition.

Reminds me of a briefing slide I saw not too long ago who's tag-line read, "You bet your ASS on what you know." Except the word "ASS" was rendered as such, "A**"

I now serve in an Army where a Cavalry unit with a history going back 100 years is having its name changed to a generic one who's sole purpose is that it fits with 1-4 thru 3-4; an attack helicopter company can't have Assassin as a call sign and a unit whose job it is to destroy the enemy in our nations behalf won't put the word "ASS" on a briefing slide. Right now in Luxembourg, George S. Patton's body is spinning at a rate that could power most of Europe.

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