Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Nobody Asked Me, But...Part 2

I went out and bought a few things at the mall the other day...

Can anyone count change any more? When I was younger, I was an assistant manager at a restaurant. When a customer bought a Coke or whatever even though the register told us how much to give them in change, we still counted it out to insure that we weren't giving too little or too much change back. For those unfamiliar with the custom it works like this:

ME: That will be $2.48 sir.

HIM: (hands me a $20 bill)

ME: Out of twenty
ME: (counting out of the register, handing him two pennies) That makes 50, (two quarters) Three dollars, (two one dollar bills) Five, and Five makes Ten, and Ten makes Twenty. Thank you SIR.

Notice I said "SIR" twice, it's called courtesy and it doesn't diminish me as a human being to use it. It fact I think it makes one a better person...but hey that might just be me...and I'm beginning to think it is. Especially when dealing with retail outlets. It's easy...if you can count...and it shows interest in the customer and maybe they will come back. I don't know but I thought that was the goal of retail sales.

The other thing that just infuriates me...or maybe it's just my PTSD acting up...is the parking lot. How many times have you seen someone waiting for MINUTES for a parking space when 40 feet back there were plenty of parking spaces? And no I'm not talking about a person with special needs waiting for their slot to be vacated. I am referring to an otherwise normal adult who prefers to wait for 5 MINUTES for the parking space that is 40 feet closer that the one that you just passed. By the way you're holding up the 10 guys behind you that just want to get out of here. Also you could have been halfway to the store by now but you are even out of your car yet, because you want to save your fat ass 30 steps each way. By the looks of you you should probably park out by the interstate and hike in...it would do you some good. Not that I feel strongly about this or anything...but then again no one asked me, so what do I know?

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