Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hot Laps?

As many of you know, I have written many times about my appreciation of the charms of one Pilar Lastra, Playboy Magazine's Miss August 2004. She also has a continuing series on called "Hot Laps" where she lets us in on current automotive happenings.

As you may also be aware of, I am a Ford aficionado, I own Fords and have owned Fords my entire driving life with the exclusion of a short stay in Korea where I was forced to drive a Diawoo or some sort of locally made auto. I currently own an '03 SVT Mustang (see below) and an '09 Escape.

Why mention all of this, that you may or may not find the least bit interesting?

In the latest edition of Hot Laps, Pilar takes us to the Chicago Auto Show and in the entire 6 minute 56 second presentation fails to mention a Ford vehicle or take her clothes off. WTF?!?

Honestly I didn't expect or demand that she take her clothes off. But if you are at an Auto Show and producing a show about the auto show isn't there at least some responsibility to show at least one product from all the major participants? Was Ford not present? Does Playboy have something against Ford? At least Ford should be given props for not taking any bailout money. If I wasn't already a Ford man that alone would push me in the direction of buying a car from the blue oval. Her taking her clothes off may have made up for that oversight with me...not sure though.

Why would I choose to even notice or comment on this? Hell, I don't know but I did notice and while it isn't the end of the world...things like this usually have a reason, and I wonder what it might be. Curious.

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