Thursday, January 01, 2009

Funny, Yet Sad

I have mentioned in this space before being entertained AND amused by the G4 network show "Attack of the Show" which features the attractive, charming and funny Olivia Munn (pictured above). Turns out she has her own blog ( )where she writes some amusing stuff (that is unless she has a gang of monkeys banging on typewriters churning out volumes of work in order to make it appear that she's funny and interesting).

The sad part, if you do go over there is the comments section. It is what you might imagine it to be. Which if I were a lady in my 20's would be quite ego boosting, but I'm not, so it sorta comes off as desperate and weird sometimes...but hey that's how guys are, right ladies?

Anyway she's pretty and funny so give her site a look and you couldn't be any worse than some of the goons there already.

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