Sunday, September 21, 2008

Does Anyone Still Fall For this Stuff?!?

Got this in my in-box this AM...

As-salam 'alaykum,

Hello my friend,

Hope this day finds you well?, Alh Zaheed XXXXX a merchant in the
United Kingdom,
I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer, It has defiled all forms
of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to
live, according to medical experts.

I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared
for anyone (not even myself) but my business. Though I am very rich, I
was never generous, I was always hostile to people and only focused on
my business as that was the only thing I cared for. But now I regret
all this as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to
have or make all the money in the world....

...Which no one knows of is the huge cash deposit of (Twenty five
Million, Five Hundred Thousand U.S dollars) I have set aside 25% for
you, then 5% for any expenses insured.
If you are interested, please send your prompt reply to my email
address below which you will have to reply to if you will be kind
enough to assist;Email

Yeah, I'll get right on that.



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