Wednesday, September 17, 2008

All Hail!


Anthing you need to know about what kind of people and things are posted at Threedonia should be answered by this paragraph from the post entitled, "Welcome to Threedonia."

If you need to reach us you’ll find our e-mail addresses on those name page headings discussed in #2. You’re probably wondering what kind of painty-waist sissy-men are we that we insist on using these goofy aliases? Well, first of all, you don’t really know for sure that these aren’t are real names, but let’s just assume you’re right. Well, then, why does Superman go by Clark Kent? Batman as Bruce Wayne? Spiderman as Peter Parker? Rey Misterio as Oscar Gutierrez Rubio? Sometimes, when you have extraordinary talent an alias is necessary as cover to blend with regular folks. Yes, we’re not like you. We have almost nothing in common with you, yet we’re fascinated by your mortal lives and get a small thrill from mingling with you and learning about your daily goings on. And if you think Clark Kent or Peter Parker are painty-waists, well you can take that up with them. O.K., that Toby McGuire guy seems a little light in the loafers and Brandon Routh isn’t very manly… Well maybe you’ve got a point…

Even if you didn't think that to be very funny I still say check them out you might find something worth your valuable time.



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