Sunday, August 24, 2008

YMC-130H Credible Sport

H/T Bring the Heat, Bring the Stupid

Necessity being the mother of invention, or something like that, the US Military during the Iranian hostage crisis was searching for a way to get a lot of troops on the ground in a hurry. One of the ideas floated was to crash land a C-130 into a soccer stadium near the US embassy in Tehran. Obviously at least one of the landings didn't work out too well. The way I understand it the planners weighed the risks and possibilities for success and moved on to the helicopter option...and we all know how that worked out, unfortunately.


Upon further review (thanks commenter Mike) this project was implemented after the failure of Eagle Pull, the first hostage rescue mission. This project along with the formation of what was to become the 160th SOAR were all a result of the tragedy at Desert One.

Additionally, Bronze pointed out the the wiki page for Credible Sport which has a lot of good info if you are interested.

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