Friday, June 13, 2008

Someone Has Been Drinking Their Own Bathwater

Over on Blackfive the "Paratrooper of Love" has a wondiferous post about the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders entertaining the troops in Iraq.

Here's a sample of their love of country

In the comments some guy (who has obviously been huffing canned air) said this:

Best cheer leading outfits in the league hands down. I don't want to hear it from the Cowboys fans either. I love the Cowboys cheerleaders but the uni's aren't better than these. Now if we could only keep Donovan healthy.....Glad to see my team supporting the troops. Showing some of that "City of Brotherly Love" spirit right there.

Yeah, the same "Brotherly Love" spirit that booed Santa Claus one year at an Eagles game. Don't get me wrong these ladies deserve to be thanked for what they have done and continue to do for the troops...but!!

Here's a sample of those aforementioned abysmal Cowboy Cheerleader outfits

The original and still the best. Even if the team and owner suck the cheerleaders still kick ass.

Here some video from one of their trips to entertain the troops

But I can't let this one go without posting some of the comments that followed this video on You Tube.

what the man is out there right now and i have to bear watching this...whats the point of that shit....whats next puttin up whore houses on their camps?that makes me sick...

fromramsteinafb We've got one screwed government, allowing such foolish things to take place while a large part of our men over there, have wifes over in the states.
As it is, it is very hard for us back in the states to be without them, holding things down and always worried about possibilities make it hard on us.
Making it easier to arouse our men by what they C. When it being hard enough being apart for long time.
The ones ignorant enough to allow this for our men, try'n make an excuse 4 their hormones

Yes as always it's about them. There is nobody that should be able to watch the Dallas Cowboy or Philadelphia Eagle cheerleaders because they have to sit at home and wait...and if you didn't know this...I sure didn't, don't know how I missed this one...apparently these girls are somehow making their husbands unfaithful during their deployment. Such is the attraction and charm of these women that men can no longer control their urges and storm the stage (not filmed of course) and have their way with these women and every other female available after the show.

Good fucking grief.

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