Saturday, June 14, 2008

Military Working Dog Has His Day

Military working dog receives Army Achievement Medal
Story and photos by , TF Iron Public Affairs Office

9 June 2008

MOSUL, Iraq — On his last day of duty at Forward Operating Base Marez, Sgt.1st Class Zzarr seemed excited with the Soldiers hovering around him at the 3d Armored Cavalry Regimental headquarters, June 5.

Zzarr was about to receive an Army Achievement Medal, a reward for his service to the Army during his deployment. Zzarr was responsible for discovering about 6,000 pounds of explosives in hidden caches around Mosul.

As the Soldiers stood at attention and the orders were posted, Col. Michael Bills, commander of the 3d ACR, bent down and pinned the AAM on Zzarr’s collar. Instead of a salute, Zzarr enthusiastically offered a paw, wagged his tail, and wanted to play.

Zzarr, a three-year old Dutch Sheppard, is a military working dog assigned to the 221st Military Police Detachment stationed at Fort Eustis, Va.

The dog’s trainer, Staff Sgt. Kevin Dee, said Zzarr specializes in searching for explosives. During the past year in Mosul, the dog was credited with finding three major caches, one of which included 1,200 pounds of explosives that was going to be used in a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device.

The dog’s discoveries have saved countless lives by “finding things the (human) eye can’t find,” he said.

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