Saturday, June 28, 2008

Is Becky Hammon A Traitor?

Saw this story over at Dirty Harry's and then again this AM on ESPN while I was at the barber shop.

Behold the face of a least in the eyes of some.

From FOX Sports

Becky Hammon grew up in the Midwest, where American values and patriotism run high. She plays guard for the WNBA's San Antonio Silver Stars, and at the ripe old age of thirty one years old, is still chasing her dream.

In her off season, she plays for a professional basketball team in Moscow, Russia. So far, no big deal. Because she has worked over in Russia for an extended amount of time, she was given citizenship status. And here is where it starts to get a little murky.

Becky's dream has always been to play in the Olympics. At her age, she knows Beijing is her last shot at that dream. So when Russia asked her to be a member of their National Basketball team and represent them in the Olympics, she said yes.

She was asked to try out for the US team after she said yes to the Russians and their seven figure contract, but has made the decision to play point guard for the Russians.

Keep in mind, she speaks little Russian and has no Russian in her bloodlines. She is 100% American, a native of Rapid City, South Dakota and a Colorado State graduate. her basketball jersey is the #2 selling jersey, right behind Lisa Leslie's jersey.

Anne Donovan, the coach of the women's basketball team, has called her a "traitor."

TRAITOR! You mean like Benedict Arnold? Or perhaps Robert Hanssen? Or maybe even Hanoi Jane? Not even close.

Personally I couldn't ever even consider playing a sport in the uniform of another country. Hell, my Dad wouldn't drive a car from a foreign country...It was a big deal when I bought a Sony TV for Pete's sake.

It seems to me there are two issues here.

1. Becky Hammon wants to play basketball in the Olympics, and apparently doesn't care whose uniform she wears as long as she's playing.

2. Apparently someone in the apparatus running the USA Olympic woman's basketball program has it in for Ms. Hammon.

It seems to me that Ms. Hammon cares more about playing basketball than the poly-si implications of a possible Russian victory via the hands of the basketball mercenary from the USA. Self over country, it's a sign of the times. This doesn't make Ms. Hammon a traitor...she's just selfish and that's a lot more common and unfortunately a lot of folks will identify with her position.

Oh, by the way there's an American male playing on the Russian men's team as well, his name is J.R. Holden...but who really gives a crap about that, there's a semi hot American chick who's playin' for the Rooskies! TO ARMS!



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