Sunday, June 22, 2008

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

From over at Jack Army comes his comments about people who are against the war in Iraq...

There is no way someone can convince me that going to war to stop a tyrannical murderer from killing his own countrymen or threatening other countries is a bad thing. It is a shame that people have to die to make that change, but it is part of stopping evil and his evil, sadistic sons. I am sorry that people, American, Iraqi and others, died and will die in this war. I'm even sorrier that the great people of America didn't step up sooner to stop the deaths of multitudes more who died for absolutely no reason other than to satisfy one man's desire to gain and retain power. But if you feel so strongly that people dying is so horrible that you must hold the leader of the country in disdain, then where was your disdain for Saddam? And why aren't you rejoicing that he's no longer gassing his own citizens and allowing his sons to rape and murder for fun? Your double standard disgusts me.

I have seen with my own eyes the horrors of killing and death, and I hate it more than anything else, but I still believe that some things are worth fighting for... and if you aren't willing to fight, and die if necessary, for something then you don't deserve the rights and privileges we take for granted as Americans.

And another thing...

If you happen to believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness... and that people deserve a fair shake in life and that those less fortunate sometimes need an extra boost, and that children are special no matter where they come from and that America is still a place that values hard work, self-determination, fair play and rooting for the underdog... well, then you are and I are more alike than different. I don't care if you call yourself liberal or conservative, democrat or republican or something else. It don't matter to me what race, religion, gender or any other whatnot that you may use to describe yourself with, if you believe what I described above and call yourself American, then you and me are the same.

And I love you all the more for it! So don't get hung up on labels and embrace being American, a citizen of the greatest country on the face of God's green earth!

He wrote this as a comment on a site where a person was expressing their disgust for the war and the loss of life, in same said war.

Personally I can't understand why so many people have such a difficult time understanding what has occurred and why we NEED to do this. Some people are naive, some are blinded by politics and some are just plain stupid. What can you do?

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