Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm Glad They've Got Their Priorities In Order

From Ares Homepage

Top generals in the U.S. Air Force are unsparing in their enmity for the service's uniforms. At their best – tailored and in wool – they look barely presentable, unless they’re in the room with a Marine. Off the rack, in polyester, the design falls into the potato sack category. Well they’re as mad as hell and they’re not going to take anymore. They’ve appealed to a higher authority – Brooks Brothers.

A committee, that includes Gen. C. Robert Kehler, chief of Air Force Space Command, went to the company for help. They wore their dowdy uniforms, but carried in their hearts memories of World War II, when airmen wore the dashing “pink and greens” uniform and hats with a 50-mission crush.

Pinks and Greens eh? If you still want to wear that uniform go to Texas A&M and join the Corps of Cadets.

Between getting money for new uniforms and F-22s they might have money left over to keep the A-10s and AC-130s flying...nice job Air Force!



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