Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Get A Grip Folks...

Anyone who might see THIS STORY and the video attached would be more than justified to think wow that ad was lame or poorly done or stupid...but insulting to women in uniform? Please take a look at that video and tell me you actually thought those women were in the military, that that ad wasn't an attempt to entice male military viewers to come down and buy a car.

Do these people not have better things to do with their time, than piss and moan about an ad like THIS?

Not to mention that the author of the article covering this has issues with identifying uniforms and aircraft...

"Get up off your butt and to Charlie Falk today," orders one of the actresses, wearing Marine-style digitized camouflage. In another scene, a woman in an Air Force flight suit stands in front of a shot of what's clearly a Navy F/A-18 Hornet.

Not an Air Force flight-suit and not an F-18...it was a blue coverall she was wearing with some sort of military patch on it and in the background was an F-14...eh F-14, F-18 tomato/ potato, who give a s#!t, really?

"What they were doing were showing women in uniform in a provocative stance," said Montgomery, a retired Navy master chief. "I worked too hard for what I did to be reduced to that."

"You don't see them do that to men. You don't see a beefcake shot of a man in a uniform in the same manner."

Morrison, who retired after 27 years in uniform, is particularly bothered by the blond woman wearing Navy officer dress. She ticks off what's wrong with the picture: The white blouse is supposed to be buttoned up. "She's got a tie she's supposed to wear, and the top button on the jacket is supposed to be buttoned," Morrison said.

"Too many people have worn the uniform and have given their lives for our country, women included," said Morrison, the head of the Tidewater Tidal WAVES, an organization of women who have served or are serving in the Navy, Marines or Coast Guard.

Good grief, Charlie Brown.
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